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Lifting Expectations Beyond Limitations

Now offering TeleHealth services.

We are able to provide high quality care to our patients with the convenience to suit your needs.

This service can be accessed using your mobile device, tablet, or laptop
from the comfort of your own home.

What Is TeleHealth? (A virtual physical therapy visit)

Allows a licensed therapist to provide an individualized home-based therapy treatment through a HIPAA secure method of communication.

We provide one-on-one virtual physical therapy visits to our patients. You can choose TeleHealth as an option to receive services at home if you feel staying home is safer for you or your family during this pandemic.

We have a very strong background in manual therapy and we will continue to offer these services on location in our office. We feel manual therapy is a very important part of our practice. Telehealth services can be an option for patients to access care who do not have other options available to them.

Virtual therapy sessions can make it more convenient than ever before getting you started on the road to recovery.

Allows a licensed PT to provide your therapy without a physician referral.

TeleHealth Request Form

Fill out this form to request a TeleHealth consultation.

How Do I know If Physical Therapy is Right For Me?

     If you are experiencing any health condition that falls within the scope of services that we provide, we are ready to evaluate your problem and determine if we can help and improve your life. Whether you are post op, suffering from an injury, or any physical disorder we are offering a free consultation to determine the appropriate course of treatment. Your input is important to us as we put together a plan of care going forward lifting your expectations beyond limitations.

Just had a hip, knee, or shoulder replacement?

Our total joint replacement protocols are designed for a safe and effective recovery. We will aim to get you back in the swing of things as soon as possible maximizing your potential.

Have BPPV vestibular disorder?

If you’re feeling a little dizzy or your room is completely spinning you may have a condition called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. This is caused by a disruption in your inner ears gravity stabilizers leading to dizziness, nausea, unsteadiness that changes with certain head movements. Through performing several simple and slow movements positioning your head we can hopefully eliminate your symptoms. 

Experiencing lower back and neck pain?

Whether your condition is acute or chronic we are experienced and prepared to provide you with the relief of pain and spasm. We emphasize manual “hands-on“ soft tissue techniques while analyzing your posture and musculoskeletal imbalances. We take a Biomechanical approach towards correcting these imbalances in an effort to prevent future recurrences.

Our Approach

     Rise Above Physical Therapy is privileged to provide outpatient rehabilitation services within an exceptional state of the art facility, The Cane Bay YMCA. We are excited and honored to serve the people of the Cane Bay Community and beyond. 
     This incredible facility affords us the opportunity to provide a multitude of services that the majority of our competitors simply cannot offer. 
      Such services as Aquatic Therapy, TRX/Functional training rehab, sports performance rehab, post operative rehab, and pain management will be offered through the use of facilities within the campus of the YMCA under the supervision of a licensed therapist. The facility boasts a 25-meter disability accessible indoor pool with showering facilities, a fully equipped gymnasium for strength and conditioning, a specific functional training room, sport courts, indoor jogging track, as well as tennis courts and outdoor ball fields which will all be utilized for return to sport rehabilitation needs. 
     We will utilize the specific facilities necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for your recovery lifting your expectations beyond limitations. 


When I entered Mikes clinic I was captivated by the warm and friendly atmosphere. The staff personified extreme professionalism, a strong work ethic, and a friendly camaraderie between them. What embraced me most of all was the laughter and sense of kindness that was commonly displayed.


When physical injury occurs and your spirit feels broken, I unequivocally recommend my friend and brother Mike Santa Lucia AKA “the hands doctor”. He and his friendly staff are committed to healing exceeding your expectations by aggressively working towards your recovery. No need to try the rest. Save precious time. Begin your journey with one of the best.

Rev. Dr. A. Lambert

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