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Rise above Physical therapy

Lifting Expectations Beyond Limitations

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Mount Pleasant Location


3530 Park Avenue Blvd. Suite #104, Mt. Pleasant SC 29466

Phone: 843-491-4529

Fax: (843).279.3251


Cane Bay – Summerville Location


1655 Cane Bay Blvd Suite B, Summerville SC 29486

Phone: 843-719-7473

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We provide a wide variety of rehabilitation services geared towards restoring your function and achieving your personal goals and beyond.

Our Philosophy

     We at Rise Above Physical Therapy believe that an individual’s health and well being is one of the most important aspects of our lives. For those who may be suffering from serious injury or disease, we understand the anxiety and uncertainty that this creates by disrupting and interfering with your activities of daily living. You may wonder if things will ever be the same for you.

Will your performance with previous activities be challenged?

Will you have to adapt in some way, shape or form?

How long will your recovery take?

What should your expectations be?

     Rise Above Physical Therapy has your answer. We will address all your questions and concerns while guiding you through your personalized individual recovery program. We are committed to treating you with the utmost respect as well as delivering enthusiastic exceptional care. Our goal is to motivate and lift your expectations well beyond your limitations. 
Whether you would like relief of pain, restoration of function, or a general tune up due to debilitation or surgical correction, Rise Above Physical Therapy is here to serve you. 


Professional Care, Superior Facilities, Personal Experience.

     Rise Above Physical Therapy is privileged to provide outpatient rehabilitation services within an exceptional state of the art facility, The Cane Bay YMCA. We are excited and honored to serve the people of the Cane Bay Community and beyond. 
     This incredible facility affords us the opportunity to provide a multitude of services that the majority of our competitors simply cannot offer. 
      Services such as Aquatic Therapy, TRX/Functional training rehab, sports performance rehab, post operative rehab, and pain management will be offered through the use of facilities within the campus of the YMCA under the supervision of a licensed therapist. The facility boasts a 25-meter disability accessible indoor pool with showering facilities, a fully equipped gymnasium for strength and conditioning, a specific functional training room, sport courts, indoor jogging track, as well as tennis courts and outdoor ball fields which will all be utilized for return to sport rehabilitation needs. 
     We will utilize the specific facilities necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for your recovery, lifting your expectations beyond limitations.   
Physical Therapy

Physical therapy encompasses a wide range of treatment methodologies for illnesses, injuries and other conditions and disease processes.

Inflammatory Care

Inflammation is part of the bodies defense system that plays a vital role in the healing process. Virtually everything that we treat in Physical Therapy is connected to one of the two types of inflammatory categories: Acute and Chronic.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is great for people that are not ready or able to perform land based exercises. The buoyancy of the water reduces the stress placed on the joints, and also works well with overweight individuals. The viscosity of water provides resistance for strengthening muscles with much less stress than if performed on land. 

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine therapy is specific for sports-related injuries. We provide sports specific conditioning programs as well as providing education for injury prevention and quick recovery from injuries.


Overall mobility and flexibility play a vital role in improving and maintaining activities of daily living. Rise Above Physical Therapy provides stretching services while incorporating deep tissue techniques to improve your overall flexibility promoting better mobility for everyday tasks, sports performance, and general well being. 

What Our

Practice Offers

     Our practice offers many services within the field of physical therapy. These services include Orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitation, gait analysis, post op joint replacement care, treatment of work related injuries, neurological disorders, and vestibular rehabilitation. We also specialize in the treatment of neck and back pain utilizing a manual therapy and biomechanical approach. We are well positioned to provide strength and conditioning programs through our extensive access to state of the art exercise machines.

Who we are

     President and Founder Michael Santa Lucia PT/ATC has been in the Physical Therapy profession for over thirty years. His passion and commitment to patient care persists today as he takes this bold new step in forming Rise Above Physical Therapy.

     Originally practicing as a physical therapist in western Pennsylvania, Mike had developed two previous successful multi facility companies affording him the experience necessary to take on this new venture. Mike has worked in virtually every aspect of the field including orthopedic outpatient care, hospital inpatient care, nursing home care…

Our Location:

1655 Cane Bay Blvd Suite B, Summerville SC, 29486

3530 Park Avenue Blvd, Suite #104, Mt. Pleasant 29466

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Phone: 843-719-7473 | Fax: (843) 279-3251

Mt. Pleasant

Phone: 843-491-4529 | Fax: (843) 279-3251


Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-7:00PM

Saturday: 8:00AM-12:00PM


“We are all so blessed to have been able to find you! You don’t know how much we appreciate and had recommended you to many people and doctors. I only hope for the best for you. Nobody, or no therapy, will ever come close to yours. You were, and are, one in a million. You made our treatments so fun and going back in history with all the different songs, movies, etc. please don’t change!”

D & P

“Mike’s Physical Therapy service is state of the art. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about best exercise solutions to aid in patients recovering quick and safely.  It is Mike’s wonderful communication ability to engage with his patients that make the journey to recovery achievable.  Thanks Mike, for all the encouraging words, laughs, and exemplary service.


“When I entered Mikes clinic I was captivated by the warm and friendly atmosphere. The staff personified extreme professionalism, a strong work ethic, and a friendly camaraderie between them. What embraced me most of all was the laughter and sense of kindness that was commonly displayed. Thanks.”


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